Ever wonder if you need to offer home staging consultations to your clients? More often than not people associate home staging consultations as being beneficial for home owners only.  But actually Realtors, builders and investors have a lot to gain as well.

If you’re a Realtor, and want to know more or want to know your listings can benefit from staging, read on to find out the top 5 reasons why realtors need to offer home staging consultations to their clients.

Reason 5: Saves Your Time & Energy

You’re busy.  Having a stager as part of your team saves you time and energy.  Leave it to your stager to inform your clients what ROI-worthy repairs to invest in, what to prepack.  Not only that, but we can handle any sensitive issues that need addressing.  By saving you time, you have more time to do what you do best–selling homes.

Reason 4: Helps Preserve Your Commission

A home staging consultation can revive a stagnant listing, and give a new chance for a profitable sale.   Not only that, by offering a consultation is adds value to your service package.  Adding value dissuades homeowners from haggling over commission.  A $250 consultation fee is far cheaper than losing thousands in reduced commissions.

Reason 3: Ensures the Best MLS Photos

Your listings look better. Over 90% of buyers begin their search online.  You will want to make sure your listings get seen. A high-quality MLS photo leads to more viewings but also gives you a better portfolio.  If your listings look good, then you look good.

Reason 2: Creates a Reputation of Success

Did you know that a staged home sells 77% faster than an un-staged home?  It also goes without saying that a staged home sells for more than a home that hasn’t been staged.  Over time this creates a reputation of sales and success for you.  Would you rather your name and reputation associated with a SOLD sign or PRICE REDUCED? And finally…..

#1 Reason Realtors need to offer home staging consultations: Keeps Your Pipeline Full

Want to know what else the previous 4 benefits mean for you?  You will secure more listings and they keep your pipeline full.  A full pipeline means more referrals.  More referrals means less time and money spent on marketing.  More listings also means more money.  You will be building your reputation and establishing yourself as a leader.

In the end, a home staging consultations is a low-cost investment with big long-term returns in terms of your career, profitability, success,  and keeping clients coming in the door.  In an industry that is saturated with Realtors, it is imperative that you set yourself apart.  Value added services such as a home staging consultation gives you a competitive edge. There are many reasons why realtors need to offer home staging consultations but these are top few.

Wondering how you can offer your clients a staging consultation? Let’s talk.

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