Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  Leaves changing colour, cool brisk days. I love it!  With the change of seasons and cooler temperatures, now is the time we start retreating to our homes.  Spending more time indoors is the perfect time to create an oasis.

One of the things I love about fall is being able to exercise my creativity but it’s also getting close to Christmas.  But I digress. That’s a blog for another day.  Moving on, I love being able to decorate my home for the fall.  That said, I share some of my favourite tips for fall decorating and ways to make your home extra special this fall.

7. Turn Up the Texture

Now is the time to cozy up and bring texture into your space.  A few soft touches will change the overall feel of the room.  Adding blankets and throws are the simplest ways to do this.  Imagine curling up with a good book and new throw. One of my favourite stores is Bouclair.

6. Rugs to Sink Your Toes Into

Swap out your spring/summer rug for a fall/winter one. For something a little different, try  a faux fur rug on another area rug.  Layering isn’t just for clothes anymore. It adds texture, warmth and adds to the cozy vibe.

5. Window Treatments to Keep You Warm

Beyond breaking out the extra blankets and sweaters, it’s a good idea to outfit your windows for the colder temperatures.  The most effective window treatment to keep a house warm is a cellular shade.  Two layers of fabric are bonded together to form pockets.  The pockets trap air to limit heat loss.  Another option is thermal lined drapery panels.  They have insulating properties and will help block the cold air.  For double the protection you can layer the two.

4. A Fireplace Mantel to Smile About

Fireplace Mantelpiece Decor Living Room Interior. Beautiful Country Brown Wooden Wall Copy Space. Rustic Vintage Stone Mantle with Candle and Flower

This is the fun part.  The ideas to dress up your mantel are endless.  You are only limited by your creativity.

Some possible ideas:

Dried allium, goldenrod and wheat in vases create a nice seasonal display.  Accent the arrangement with leaves, gourds and acorns.

Create a harvest bouquet with feathers, wheat, flowers and leaves.  Fill a vase with nuts and add the rest.

You can spell it out with some craft store letters.  Stack, stagger the letters, or buy varying heights to keep it interesting.

Or for a very simple decorating idea, fill a hurricane jar with pine cones, mini pumpkins, gourds, or acorns.

As I said you’re only limited by your imagination.  Have fun with it.

3. Your Favorite Scents of the Season

Of course, fall is not fall without candles and our favourite scents.  Buy scented candles in your favourite fall scents: pumpkin, cinnamon, apple or anything earthy and woodsy.  To created added dimension and visual interest buy candles in a variety sizes and heights.

2. Fall Foliage at Home

Yellow and orange chrysanthemum flowers in pots, copy space. Autumn wedding decorations. Fall, thanksgiving concept

Bring the outside in.  Pinecones, cinnamon sprigs, spruce are popular choices that will add a touch of the season to your home and still go with everything.  As an added bonus, depending on your preferred Christmas/winter décor- pinecones transition nicely.  If you want colour, don’t forget mums.  They look great indoors or out!

1. A Place to Gather Loved Ones Close

This is also the perfect opportunity to make your fireplace the star of the room.  Rearrange your furniture that would be perfect for entertaining, gathering, or even just sipping a cup of hot chocolate–more seasonal warmth!

I hope this inspired you and gave you some ideas to dress up your home for the season.  There are no rights or wrongs, only what you like and works for you.  It’s okay to think outside the box.  Happy Decorating!

To get a professional eye on your space before the holidays arrive, reach out to us!

Until next time,