A well-styled bookcase or table scape are what completes a room’s overall décor. They are the finishing touches. They add the warmth and character that a room requires to create a cohesive look. Knowing how to style bookcases is another story.

More often than not, we view bookcases as just another form of storage. We add and we add until it becomes nothing more than visual clutter. Continue reading to learn more about styling a beautiful tablescape or an eye catching, well-styled bookcase.

Styling Tip 1: Less is More

Less definitely is more. Consider your preferred decorating style or theme when selecting décor. Be selective about what it is you want to display. Just because you have a few inches of available space, it doesn’t mean it needs to be filled.

Styling Tip 2: Select Meaningful Items

Your home tells your story, who you are, what you love. Using sentimental or even meaningful items add character. It’s a great idea to mix and match your own items with your latest find at your favourite home goods store. One of my personal favourites is Urban Barn

Styling Tip 3: Choose a Variety

There is no rule that says bookcases are just for books. It’s time to get creative and liven up your space. Think about what you have that you would love to display. Mixing and matching creates visual interest.

Some items could include: Need ideas? Here are some suggestions you can use to style your shelves or a tablescape: Art, books, baskets, vases, plants, antiques, souvenirs, bottles, small boxes or sculptures.

Black chair at desk in spacious workspace interior with ficus and wooden lamp next to shelves

Styling Tip 4: Diversify colour, Texture, Height & Weight

Variety is the spice of life. Too much of the same thing is boring. Create visual interest by using different colours, texture, sizes and shapes.

Styling Tip 5: Work from Back to Front

You build by moving forward. Start with larger items and build toward you with smaller items. As you would fill a cupboard, the same rule applies here.

Styling Tip 6: Place Your Largest Items First

Along with working back to front- place taller, larger items first. Larger items need to be balanced before moving on to smaller pieces. On a console table you add a lamp first before moving on to the flowers etc.

Styling Tip 7: Create Item Groupings

The key is to create visual interest. You can do this by creating groupings, rather than having items randomly placed. Stacking a few books, adding a plant or a flower and a décor item such as a candle or small sculpture is so simple to do, and provides an eye catching display.

Styling Tip 8: Favor Asymmetry

It’s all about balance as opposed to symmetry. Two wood candlesticks placed together are more visually appealing than separating them. Placing something of a similar height or visual weight on the opposite end provides that balance and keeps the eye moving.

Styling Tip 9: Step Back & Edit

Once you’re done, stand back to get a full view of your styling. This allows a proper perspective of how it all looks and to ensure it’s properly balanced. It’s rare you will get it perfect on the first try, but you can always continue to edit until it’s to your liking.

Just as you add accessories to complete the outfit, the same applies to home decorating. Table scapes and bookcase styling are the perfect way to add those finishing touches to your home! I hope you enjoyed these easy tips on how to style your bookcases and table tops.

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