Are Your Listings Move-in Ready?

Do you have homes that aren’t moving or listings that are about to expire? Before recommending a price-reduction to your clients, book a consultation with Simple Elements Home Staging.

 It can be agreed that today’s buyer is better educated and more demanding.  Gone are the days of buying the ‘fixer-upper’.  Today’s buyer wants move-in ready and are willing to pay more for a home that is.

Staged homes, on average sell 77% faster than un-staged properties. If you’re not staging your listings, you can bet your competition is.

Why have a Simple Elements Home Stager as part of your Home Selling team?

1-   Your listings will sell faster and for more money.  This means higher commissions for you.

2-   Your image and reputation as top notch realtor.

3-   Time management–having a home stager on your team enables you to spend your time on doing what you do best–selling homes and growing your business.

4-   Avoid sensitive issues-  There will be always be delicate issues that need to be addressed. We can handle these tough situations for you, so you don’t look like the “bad guy” or risk jeopardizing your relationship with your client.

5-   More referrals- Adding value to your listings means higher levels of client satisfaction, which in turn means more referrals for you.

6-   Staged homes are appraised higher than that of un-staged properties.

 Would you rather have your name attached to a sign that reads “PRICE REDUCED” or “SOLD”?

Add us to your team