Are you planning on listing your home in the near future?  Do you want to maximize the return on your home? If so, consider arming yourself with a stager to come in for a pre-listing consultation prior.  A home stager will give you the necessary information of what to do, where to start but also ensure that you are not leaving money on the table unnecessarily.

So, you’ve decided to include a stager as part of your home selling team.  Smart move, but now what?  Read on to learn some handy tips on how to best prepare for your home staging consultation.

What Does a Home Staging Consultation Include?

But before we start, it’s best to know what all is included in a home staging consultation.  A professional stager will arrive at your home for a complete assessment of your property.   Their visit will usually last about 2 hours, give or take depending on the size of your home.  From there, he or she will tour your home from top to bottom, front to back, inside and out.  So this means to  they will give advice on furniture arrangements to ensure the best flow in, but also to make sure your home’s exterior is looking it’s best.  They also advise on which renovations and repairs to invest in, as well as recommend a trusted tradesperson.  They will also leave you with a prioritized to-do list, so you know exactly where to start.

Tip 1: Declutter in Advance

Decluttering prior to your consultation is wise, as it not only helps you ( and the home stager) to see your home better, it becomes less to do following.  Prepacking and purging is important, but limit it to things such as out of season clothing, tools, excess toys etc.  Stock up on some boxes. I usually get mine from Dymon Storage. Be sure to leave out furniture or décor items for your stager to review as they may be used in the final staging plan.

Tip 2: Source Finishing Samples

If you have selected some new finishes that are not yet installed, such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, light fixtures, etc, please have samples available of any pre-selected materials for your Stager so that they can align their recommendations with these planned updates. If you have not yet finalized your selections, your home stager would be happy to review your samples and provide feedback.

Tip 3: Prepare Your Important Questions

Have questions?  If not now, you will.  You’ll have your stager’s undivided attention during your consultation, so take full advantage of this and prepare any questions you may have in advance.  Write them down so you don’t forget.  I only recommend that you save them for the end as this saves time, but ensures your stager does not get side tracked and gives a thorough evaluation.

Tip 4: Be Honest About Any Issues

Be upfront and honest with your stager. This includes any potential issues but also if you’re planning renovations or upgrades.  They can not only provide you with the best course of action if action needs to be taken, but also guide you on what upgrades are worth the investment and can increase both the saleability and return on your home.  They will also be able give some direction in terms of colour and finishes, and provide you with some creative, cost effective solutions.

Tip 5: Remember It’s a Safe Space

As stagers, our job is to help market your home for its best and most profitable sale.  We are on your team. It is important to know our recommendations are judgement free and are based solely on what buyers want and are looking for.  We are not there to critique your decorating.

Bonus Tip: Avoid Distractions

You will have our complete, undivided attention at your consultation.  In order for you to best benefit and make the most of it, it’s always best to eliminate any possible distractions.  We recommend putting your phone on silent, arranging child or pet care, or  not scheduling any other service or repair for that time so you don’t get side tracked and miss any pertinent information.

We hope this information has proved to be invaluable to you but also answered any questions you may have about how to prepare for your home staging consultation. We look forward to being a part of your home selling team and the opportunity to help you get the most profitable sale of your home!

Have any questions about the process? Leave us a comment below and I’d be happy to share more.

Until next time,