There is no denying that Airbnbs are immensely popular.  If you have the space in your home, you can have your own Airbnb.  And if you already have one, you know that it’s a great source of additional income.  Whether you plan on opening your own or have one,  you’ll want to make sure to keep your guests coming…and returning.  One way to do that is by staging and styling it.   The better your listing looks, you’re more likely to get consistent booking, charge higher rates, and get higher ratings and reviews from your guests. Want to learn how to stage your Airbnb listing? Keep reading.

As a property stylist, I know all about styling and staging a home to appeal to a greater number of people.  Here I share some great secrets to increase your bookings.  Read on to learn more.

Tip 1: Know Your Ideal Guest

There are factors that will determine and influence the design of your space.   Where do you live?  Are you in an urban metropolis or are you removed to a more rural setting?  You also need to know who your guests are.  Are they families, couples or professionals?  Once you’ve determined that, it’s fairly simple to determine their needs.  A professional will need a desk and charging station.  A young family will love a play area for their kids.  Whereas a couple could looking for a romantic getaway.

Tip 2: Keep the Space Light & Bright

Regardless of who your guests are,  they will want light and bright.  Nobody wants dark and dingy.  Light and bright add to a feeling of cleanliness.  For a dark space, the opposite is true.  If you don’t have lots of natural light already, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate lighting to counter that.  Plenty of ambient lighting is critical, but also provide task lighting–bedside lamps and desk lamps are essential.   Light colour paint is also a necessity,  One tip–avoid white.  White works best in spaces with lots of natural light.

Tip 3: Favor Open, Clutter-Free Spaces

Want to make sure your guests are happy?  You’ll want to give your guests an easy, relaxed comfortable feeling that they need from a home away from home.    An open, clutter-free space is essential.  The cliché that “less is more” applies.  Have only what your guests need.  Anything more only counters that open feeling.  Clutter also creates feeling of stress.

Canvas print of the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Nimes city, France

Tip 4: Add a Unique Local Flavor

Having local art and décor make your listing special, but also reminds guests of where they are.  It’s a great way to show what makes your city or town unique.

Tip 5: Bring in Some Greenery

Bring the outside in.  Greenery brings life into a space and prevents it from looking too stale or staged.  Hard-to-kill plants, succulents or even some faux foliage are ideal.

Maple syrup

Tip 6: Harness the Power of Free

What sets you apart from other Airbnbs in your area?  Is it the artfully presented snacks and amenities?  Or is it a bottle of wine? Local treats?  Whatever it is, these show your guests how their hosts are caring and attentive, and make them even more excited to stay there.  These final touches make all the difference.

Tip 7: Get Professional Photos Taken

Just as Realtors have professional photos of their listings, you will want to invest in the same.  And because your potential guests only have your listing to go on, with no viewing this is especially important.  A professional interior photographer will highlight your listing’s best features.

Whether you make a few small adjustments or all of them, these suggestions will take your Airbnb listing to the next level.  Retailers have visual merchandisers to display their products in such a way as to increase sales,  Home sellers use stagers to maximize the return on their home.  Following these few simple suggestions is a great way to increase your Airbnb’s marketability.

Want a professional stager to take your Airbnb listing to the next level? Talk to us!

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