There’s no denying that 2021 proved to be a competitive seller’s market in Ottawa and most other areas. Even though it may seem unnecessary to stage a listing now, it is actually a huge advantage to do so.  

Today, I’m sharing my top 3 benefits of home staging so you can sell your home for more…

1. Staging Elevates Your Home’s Perceived Value

Every seller wants to sell at or above the asking price, mainly because the seller will probably be purchasing their next home in the same market. Thankfully, staging raises a home’s perceived value to get top dollar. 

Last year I consulted on a home getting ready for the market. The homeowners willingly completed all my recommendations. In the same neighborhood was a similar condo with similar comps and the same asking price. One difference was this home wasn’t staged. The other difference? $125,000. What a difference!


2. Staging Reduces Visible Imperfections

In a seller’s market, buyers are nearing the top of their financial ability and won’t always be in a position to afford repairs or renovations. As a result, staging a home often helps buyers look past a home’s imperfections. Likewise, an unstaged home draws attention to them, which is reflected in the offer.


3. Staging Accelerates the Sale with Quality Photos

Over 93% of buyers start the home buying process online before deciding which house they want to see. Many might even skip the viewing in a seller’s market, so it is imperative to have compelling photos to draw the buyer in. You don’t want to lose a sale before it has even begun.

Are you worried that a seller’s market might be too fast-paced and competitive to handle alone? We’ve got your back every step of the way! Contact us today.

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